Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ally(ed) Forces

Andrea Ayvazian's article on being an ally to those who are gay or basically anyone who could be defined as being 'oppressed' is something that more people should read. The entire article could easily be looked at as a blueprint for not only a peaceful society but also a way for those who do reach out to others to do it the right way. Ayvazian provides a few great definitions. One of which is the initial definition of what an 'ally' is. She says that it is someone who reaches out to someone (or a group) to help them and to solve a problem in a society that so many others "so often ignore or leave to others to deal with".
A group that I had never heard of before is also defined later in the article. The PFLAG is defined as the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. The PFLAG is said to be "the perfect example of allied behavior". The group is said to be mainly heterosexual people that speak in various formats in favor of securing rights for gays and lesbians. This kind of behavior could be seen as a great example of groups that should be around. The kind of groups that exist to help others to make a better, more unified future.
A great quote that the author uses in the article is from William Stickland. It's basically sums up the overall message that Ayvazian is trying to pass along by writing this. "When a critical mass of white people join together, rise up, and shout a thunderous 'NO' to racism, we will actually alter the course of history."
My discussion point for the class: has anyone else seen other examples of groups that stand up for others in other forms? I wish I had heard of this group beforehand since I have a few friends that are gay/lesbian and I would join that aforementioned group in a heartbeat. I also would have to talk about the usage of the word ally in the article and how, for some reason, it had a strange impact on me. I never thought about what that word meant until I read this article and now the meaning has changed completely. Has this happened to anyone else?
This video is awesome. Have a watch.

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